Award Categories

  • The categories for the awards are as follows:

    Categories for Shiksha Ratna Award Nomination for Corporate are as follows:

    1. Best Innovation in Teaching- Learning Technologies
    2. Best English Lab Solution
    3. Best Mathematics Lab Solution
    4. Best Science Lab Solution
    5. Best ERP Solution Provider
    6. Best Testing and Assessment Solution Provider
    7. Best Vocational and Skills Training Solution Provider
    8. Best Tablet Provider in Education
    9. Best Interactive WHite Board/ Projector Provider
    10. Best Smart Classroom Solution Provider
    11. Best Sports Education Solution Provider
    12. Best Multi-Media Content provider for K12 Education

    Categories for Shiksha Ratna Award Nomination for School Education are as follows:

    The schools who have done commendable job in their respective cities would be honoured for their role in providing education to students par excellence as well as for providing exceptional facilities as well as oppurtunities to their students so that they can excel in all the spheres in life.

    1. Academic Excellence in schools
    2. IT Education Initiative in schools
    3. Outstanding Community service by school
    4. Sports facility Provider in schools
    5. Best Teacher training Program in Schools
    6. Special Needs Education Initiative in schools
    7. Vocational and skill building Initiative in schools
    8. Government initiative in Schools
    9. ICT Enabled School
    10. Best Emerging School

    Categories for Shiksha Ratna Award Nomination for Higher Education Institutions are as follows:

    Shiksha Ratna awards for Higher education Institutions would acknowledge the new innovations done by the Higher education Institutes in Punjab. The top Technology enabled Institutions would be awarded for their initiative to provide the best technology to their students.

    1. Best Emerging Higher Education Institution
    2. Best Innovation by Private University
    3. Best Innovation by Management Institute
    4. Best Innovation by Engineering Institute
    5. Best Vocational and Skills Training Initiative
    6. Best Public-Private Partnership in the field of Vocational Education and Skills Training
    7. Best Private Higher Education Institution in Punjab
    8. Best Initiative in Medical Education


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